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Zach Balch is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, record producer and engineer based in Dallas, Texas. In 2014, he founded Flint Creek Records, a recording studio and production company catering to local artists, also offering publishing, and artist development services.

As a soloist, Zach’s charismatic and witty Folk/Americana gives audiences the best singer/songwriter experience the genre has to offer, feeling at once nostalgic and modern. When onstage with the rest of the band, Zach’s music takes on an electrifying big-city dimension. The result is the personal prose of David Ramirez meets the clever, full-bodied folk-rock of Dawes, served up with a satisfying helping of blues guitar, recalling John Mayer and Blake Mills.



Samples from "Grown Up Problems" and "Good Gets Better"



Live performance at a Sofar Show in Denton, TX




Zach Balch is a Dallas based singer-songwriter that has been making waves on the scene with his unique sound and picturesque lyrics.  Balch grew up in a small town in West Texas where he developed a musical base in acoustic folk.  After moving to the urban oasis that is Dallas, Zach’s music took on a more evolved sound influenced by blues, jazz, and popular music.  When he combined the styles from the new city with his simpler beginnings, the final result was a sonically pleasing, lush sound.  In a way, Zach effortlessly combines barefoot, blue jean comfort with big-city class and style to create a sound and image that is wholly his own.

“Good Gets Better” album review: Mike Nied, Days with Destiny

The piano-and-voice opening borders on treacly, but once that waltz rhythm and harmonized chorus kick in, I’m sold. And I do adore a cold-hearted titular statement, especially one that turns out mask some heartbreak.

“I Never Loved You” Song Panel: Hunter Hauk, Guide Live

This song is so earnest that I want him to stay, at least for dinner. It’s very affecting, and almost too sweet a song to be so danged truthful. Ouch. And yet, I still wanted to hit play again.

“I Never Loved You” Song Panel: Dawn Burkes, Guide Live

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