Mostly normal guy. 

No, no. I don’t think I’ve heard of him.
— Francis McDoormat


Like pretty much everyone else, Zach started out in church music. Not the super hard Potter's House kind of heavy groove, impossible chord church music, but the G, C, D, Em kind. He got super good at those chords. He can play them in any order. And doesn't even have to look at his hands to change them. Sometimes he strums them, sometimes he picks them one string at a time. Some call it "moving and beautiful" but those people typically like that kind of thing. 

Looking for something that spoke to him more, he moved into the DFW metroplex, where he found that everyone was better than him at just about everything. Some would pansy out and move back home, but Zach knew that it was too expensive to move twice in such a short amount of time. He was stuck there, and had to deal. But over time, the City became a comfort. Anonymity is your friend. You can say what you want, try out new accents and accessories, and re-invent yourself every night on a stage. 

Zach is still searching for his sound. The release of his first full-length came in 2012, after finding comfort in the figurative arms of Scott Faris in Lubbock, TX. It was the maturation of a curious young faith growing into the context of religion in the real world. Scott was the perfect guide for navigating the waters of the record making process, but Zach was also a sort of guide for Scott, as VERSES was the first record Amusement Park Studios produced from their permanent location in the Panhandle. 

Zach's second full-length effort wasn't one. The right people in the room and the heavy lifting almost feels weightless. With Bradly Prakope at the desk, familiar players Ryan Pool, Aaron Hass, Tyler Martin, Bert Willis, and Nate Zeihm all producing by committee, Good Gets Better really served as a proving ground for young studio musicians who would later be the team behind Flint Creek Records.  

Zach and Tyler Martin followed up GGB with Grown Up Problems, a quick dip of the toes into the cooler waters of uncertainty. With minor themes in religion carrying over, this short EP was an introspection on what Balch wanted to be and who he thought he was. Those questions are left unanswered and will be followed up for conversation in the full-length album of the same name, the first of Zach's albums to be fully produced by his own label, Flint Creek Records. 






Karyna Micaela

Wife/ singer

Aaron Hass


Ryan Pool

Bert Willis

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